A gift of life for Sifiso

CHIVA is committed to transforming the precious, vulnerable lives of children and adolescents living with and exposed to HIV. One of these is little Sifiso and this is how we helped empower the healthcare workers as they cared for Sifiso on his journey from being neglected and dying, to thriving and attending school for the […]

Equalize HIV treatment

This year, World Aids Day is all about looking at the barriers holding us back in the fight to end HIV. CHIVA Africa is working towards breaking down those barriers through our programmes that empower healthcare workers delivering HIV services and communities and caregivers to support children and adolescents exposed to or living with HIV. […]

Strawberry-flavoured HIV Medication for Kid’s Tastebuds

An exciting development is the introduction of ‘delicious’ strawberry-flavoured paediatric antiretrovirals (ARVs) for children that will address a key barrier to the effective treatment of HIV-positive children.  Many caregivers, healthcare workers, and everyone involved in HIV will know that the current HIV medication tastes awful! This has created so many challenges when children refuse to […]