We Have a Voice Now

“We have a voice now”

Sonto Sikhosana (AYFS Coordinator) and Thokozani Dlamini (AYFS Peer Educator) form one of our new teams working on ‘Our Youth, Our Future’ programme in eThekwini.

The focus of our work is the mentoring, teaching and supporting health workers to transform the youth services in their health facility. Part of this is encouraging the facility team to seek the opinions and feedback of young people in their community on the services they currently have access to, as well as how things could be improved.

999_IMG_4560Recently on our monthly support visit (as part of our ten month programme) at a clinic in eThekwini, we were working with the team to engage with the youth in their community, encouraging the young people to express their ideas and suggestions using questionnaires we have developed.

The reaction of young people being asked their opinion was amazing. Their facial expressions were so positive, to the extent that one of them said “we have a voice now”.

This kind of reaction is a great encouragement to the health facility team and to us; over the coming months it is our job to help and support the health facility team to improve these services and keep the positive expressions on the faces of young people.

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