CHIVA South Africa was created to support the roll-out of HIV treatment programme in 2004 in partnership with the South African Department of Health. Paediatric HIV specialists in the UK, who had been treating children with HIV for decades, developing invaluable practical skills and common sense tips to successfully treat children long-term, felt sharing their expertise with their South African colleagues was vital. And so, teams of UK Healthcare professionals regularly travelled to South Africa to train, mentor and share their knowledge with South African colleagues.

With sustainability, growth and expansion of our model at the forefront of our work, CHIVA South Africa is now investing in growing our local South African volunteer pool. This is an important part of our programme and future and our Programme Outreach teams now include volunteers from South Africa and United Kingdom, as well as staff from our Durban office.
Our programme outreach teams work in partnership with healthcare professionals in rural clinics, supporting, mentoring and teaching. We do not treat patients directly but focus on developing the skills and capacity of our peers so that they are able to improve and sustain the quality of care in their community.

We have core criteria which all volunteers we recruit must meet and select specific volunteers based on the needs of our partners and programme. You can find out more on our Volunteer With Us page.