Transforming Health Facilities with The Mercury Phoenix Trust

“Six months in and some clinics have already made amazing progress. It shows what can happen when staff learn new skills, are empowered and can see the impact straight away.” Juliet Houghton, Country Director, CHIVA South Africa.

MPT logo FMAt the beginning of this year, two of our Adolescent and Youth Friendly Services (AYFS) teams started working with ten facilities in eThekwini District, KwaZulu-Natal, to deliver our year-long ‘Our Youth Our Future’ programme. They are working alongside healthcare staff in these clinics; mentoring, teaching and supporting them to transform their clinic to meet ten Government Standards for AYFS.

The programme has been part funded by received funding from The Mercury Phoenix Trust, which was founded by Brian May, Roger Taylor and their manager Jim Beach in memory of rock band Queen’s iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury who died in 1991 from AIDS.

The teams have just finished the six-month assessments of each clinic – our method of monitoring progress against each of the ten standards using 240 set questions/criteria. We carry out the same process before and after the programme, with the Department of Health also assessing the clinics.

Six months in and there are already some great improvements in the clinic. In fact, Danganya Clinic has already met all ten of the Government Standards – in January none of these were met. They are rightly proud of their achievements and we are delighted to have assisted them.

So what does that actually mean? Building skills and knowledge in clinic teams to provide quality health services to adolescents and youth improves health outcomes and increases opportunities for prevention of illness

“I would like to thank CHIVA SA for helping us understand AYFS better. They have provided us with so much information for me as a youth champion to be able to give to staff. CHIVA SA also assisted us with the materials and forms and guidance on the programme. Thank you so much.”
– Sister L.E. Ntonbela, AYFS Champion
Molweni Clinic

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