Paediatric Programme

The paediatric programme worked closely with individual healthcare clinics to identify the specific challenges they face and help staff improve care to infants and children.

As with the Sinikulwazi programme the paediatric programme worked on-site with individual health facilities to build the knowledge and skills of healthcare workers. The teaching and mentoring topics which addressed core components of quality HIV treatment and care included:

  • Managing ARV medication for children: drug preparations, dosing and side effects
  • Talking to children about their diagnosis
  • Adherence to medication
  • Nutrition and growth
  • Reinforcement of the South African paediatric and adolescent guidelines
  • Monitoring and interpretation of laboratory tests

Through continuous quality improvement, we enabled healthcare staff to identify the specific challenges they face and empower them to find solutions to improve HIV treatment and care services for children and their families.

We also provided training on the elimination of mother-to-child transmission, which included:

  • Prevention of primary HIV infection
  • Preventing unintended pregnancies
  • Prevention of transmission during pregnancy, delivery and breast feeding
  • Treatment and support for mothers with HIV

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