Celebrating Royal Approval for Our Long-Term Partner CHIVA UK

Dr Karyn Moshal is Chair and Founder of CHIVA Africa and a consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children.

We are delighted that CHIVA UK has been recognised for its great work by being chosen as a recipient of donations for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It was a wonderful gesture by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to help raise the profile of their important HIV work.

Our work in South Africa commenced as a CHIVA UK project in 2004 with CHIVA UK members volunteering to work alongside colleagues in South Africa to mentor and teach them as South Africa introduced ART and got to grips with the challenges of treating children living with HIV.

Over the years that followed, and our subsequent formation as a separate entity, our bond with CHIVA UK remained strong with 20+ teams of volunteers travelling to, and working in, South Africa over many years. This work has been recognised by the South African Department of Health

The Sub-Districts benefited tremendously from CHIVA South Africa team visits. It is evident that through targeted interventions, as identified by your team, there has been improvement in the management of our Paediatric HIV programme. The Health Professionals respond particularly well to the mentoring and coaching approach which your team employs. The fact that you provide this support on site is another benefit to the system, in that our health professionals are not removed as in the case of training, but are empowered in their personal practice, whilst rendering care to the community.”

Dr Kathy Randeree, North West Province Department of Health

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With these strong foundations, we have built an organisation in South Africa that has grown and continues to this day. Last year, our South African based teams helped to strengthen health services provided to children and adolescents in more than 40 communities. It is testament to our ethos and achievements with building skills in South African health workers that last year all programmes were delivered by South African staff only.

One of our staff team, Sizakele Ndlovu, shares her experience with CHIVA South Africa below:-

“Before I joined CHIVA South Africa I worked as a counsellor in the hospital that was specialising in HIV care. My area of expertise was with children with virological failure and resistance to ART and assisting caregivers to disclose HIV status to their children.

As a volunteer with the CHIVA S.A team I learned a lot from the UK and SA volunteers that I worked with.  The skills attained from my volunteering experience helped me a lot when I joined the staff team, especially to make a positive impact in the clinics.  I have increased my skills in areas such as giving presentations, clinical mentoring and promoting a multidisciplinary model of working.”

Sizakele Ndlovu, Paediatric Programme Coordinator, CHIVA South Africa

We are proud of the history we have with CHIVA UK and congratulate them on the Royal recognition their work has received.

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