Working together for the greater good

Strengthening and improving the healthcare system has been at the heart of what we do since CHIVA’s inception in 2004. Using expert HIV mentors who provided on-site, real-time and practical learning, best practices were shared – most of which remain in use at a hospital level today.

We’re as committed now as we were then to ensuring healthcare workers are equipped with advanced skills and knowledge to deliver the very best paediatric HIV services at a primary healthcare level. And we’ll continue to develop and share these innovative strategies.

We are extremely proud that CHIVA is being recognised throughout Africa as a contributor to South Africa’s Public Health initiatives. We believe in sharing best practices and collaborating with partners and health advisors to ensure that every child and adolescent living with HIV – no matter where they live – has access to and is receiving the life-saving HIV treatment that will allow them to lead a productive and healthy life.