A model of healthy mentorship

Our blended model of clinical and psychosocial mentorship and teaching is what sets CHIVA apart. By working closely with the Department of Health’s laboratory system, we can identify clients living with advanced HIV.

Through real-time, case-by-case monitoring, we ensure children and adolescents living with HIV (our “clients”) receive the proper healthcare they so desperately need. We facilitate access to HIV services through the primary healthcare (PHC) system and link current cases to a specific healthcare professional in a community-based PHC clinic.

The gaps we identify in the clinical treatment and psychosocial care delivered to each of our clients dictate what mentorship and teaching we provide to their healthcare workers. Clinical and psychosocial mentorship and teaching are delivered both remotely (through multiple online platforms) and in person (one-on-one and group sessions). Ongoing clinical monitoring and psychosocial support are provided to each client to ensure they are no longer at risk of dying from HIV and continue to thrive while living with HIV.